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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Marilou sous la neige

Thank you to Rimbowarrior for this video!

by Serge Gainsbourg
From: L'homme à tête de chou

Marilou repose sous la neige

Mariou is lying under the snow
Et je me dis et je me redis
And I tell myself and retell myself
De tous ces dessins d'enfant que n'ai-je
Of all the drawings of a child can I not
Pu préserver la fraîcheur de l'inédit
Preserve the freshness of the unpublished

De ma Lou en bandes dessinées je
From my Lou in comic strips I
Parcourais les bulles arrondies
Travel across the rounded bubbles
Lorsque je me vis exclu de ses jeux
When I see myself excluded from her erotic
Erotiques j'en fis une maladie
Games I develop an illness

Marilou se sentait pris au piège
Marilou feels she's been trapped
Tous droits d'reproduction interdits
All rights of reproduction forbidden
Moi naïf j'pensais que me protégeaient
I'm naive I thought the rights of the copyright
Les droits du copyright opéra mundi*
Opera mundi would protect me

Oh ma Lou il fallait que j'abrège
Oh my Lou I have to abridge
Ton existence c'est ainsi
Your existence it's thus
Que Marilou s'endort sous la neige
That Marilou is sleeping under the snow
Carbonique de l'extincteur d'incendie
Carbonate (snow) of the fire extinguisher

*Opera Mundi is a press agency created by Paul Winkler in 1938 that disappeared over the 1990s. Opera Mundi specialized in the distribution of comic books, notably the Journal of Mickey, and published the series of King Feature Synicate but also original creations.

A current incarnation may be found here:

Gainsbar's version:

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